Welcome to Palm Palm Studio,
where animation and motion graphics take flight.

I’m Nalena Kumar and I’ve been working with animation and motion design for over 13 years. Since graduating with a BFA in Character Animation from the Disney-founded CalArts, I’ve been partnering with brands.

My client work, showcased here at Palm Palm Studio, combines handmade techniques with modern digital methods. Creating original visuals that perfectly blend a brands look and feel into engaging video campaigns – from social media posts to long form content.

This unique approach has allowed me to partner with brands such as Sun Bum, BuzzFeed, Cartier, Netflix, Narrative, Book of the Month, and Disney.

Situated in San Diego, California, I enjoy partnerships with clients nationwide, focusing primarily on animation and motion graphics.


I craft animated content that tell stories, not just sell products, and also create short-form videos that are as engaging as they are concise. Looking for a GIF or a branded video? I’ve got that covered too.

But my work isn’t just about making pixels move on a screen. I also specialize in graphic design, character design, storyboarding, and illustration, ensuring each project is a complete narrative experience from the beginning.

My aim is to deliver something that’s not just eye-catching, but also meticulously crafted from sketch to screen. So, in a nutshell, I’m all about blending artistry with functionality in a thoughtful way.

Get in touch to check my availability.