I recently had the pleasure of creating animations for the luxury brand Cartier for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.

The goal was to create videos that would resonate with Cartier’s audience and capture the essence of these special holidays.

To achieve this, I utilized a stop motion effect using After Effects, which gave the videos a unique and eye-catching quality.

The final animations were used on Cartier’s social channels, where they received a lot of engagement and positive feedback from the brand’s followers.

Cartier – To the greatest Mom

Cartier – To the best Dad ever

I was also recently commissioned to create an animated video for Cartier, which served as a company-wide thank-you message to their CEO of North America, Mercedes Abramo.

The objective was to create a dynamic and visually stunning video that expressed gratitude for Abramo’s leadership and dedication to the company.

As an animator and motion designer, I approached the project with a clear focus on storytelling and creating a unique visual experience.

I utilized a mix of 2D animation techniques to bring the message to life, incorporating Cartier’s branding elements and colors in a way that was both visually engaging and true to the company’s style.

The final result was a beautiful and heartfelt video that conveyed the team’s appreciation for Abramo’s contributions and leadership, while showcasing my skills as an animator and motion designer.

I also had the privilege of crafting a distinctive instructional video for Cartier’s home try-on service. In this project, Cartier tasked me with designing a tutorial video reminiscent of Ikea’s renowned instructional style. The objective was to guide customers through the process of utilizing Cartier’s home try-on service seamlessly.

To capture the essence of an Ikea-style instructional video, I employed a minimalist approach, utilizing a simple line design. This design choice ensured that the video was not only visually appealing but also incredibly user-friendly. By simplifying complex concepts and procedures into clear and concise visuals, I aimed to make the home try-on process an effortless and enjoyable experience for Cartier’s valued customers.

The resulting video exemplifies my ability to combine creativity and functionality, delivering an engaging and instructive piece that aligns with Cartier’s brand identity. It showcases my proficiency in producing content that not only educates but also captivates the audience, leaving a lasting impression on viewers while enhancing Cartier’s customer experience.